Date: October 7, 2017
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Oxford, Wytham Woods
Jill Elliott, Trish Elphinstone, Anne Ryan and Camilla C performing at the Friends’ Meeting House, Oxford, in support of the Tree Charter

On October 7th, Fractofusus celebrated the new Tree Charter with music in Oxford and Wytham Woods.

The Charter is being launched this year, the 800th anniversary of the Forest Charter. See

Wytham Woods was donated to Oxford University by the ffennells in memory of their daughter Hazel, and is used for research by students from the university. In the morning, we sang to accompany a walk round the woods, led by conservator Nigel Fisher.

In the evening we gave a concert in Oxford, at the Friends’ Meeting House in St Giles. One of our pieces was based on the audience members’ response to the question ‘What is a tree?’ – here are the words:

What is a tree?

What is a tree – Why? What is a tree? It’s a tree of course

Living energy fixed in one space

A tree is something that grows tall,

has a canopy of green leaves that makes shade that you rest in,

And, once a year, it gives fruits, that you eat or make jelly from

A tree is a wooden time machine

Roots and leaves.

A delta of life.

A continuously reforming body.

A plant with a wooden stem

An epitome of life

A tree is a living energy that resonates with me and all being

We are all interconnected

Trees help us breathe

A tree is a living trunk and roots, branches and leaves. It breathes out O2 in the daytime which other living things breathe in

A living growing organism

Living energy fixed in one space

Percussion from Wytham Woods