camillacancantata (saunders), musician, musical director, performer, composer, improviser (piano, voice, trombone, accordion, found objects) – committed to free improvisation as an art form and means of communication. Started improvising as a theatre musician and musical director, and then focused for many years on finding ways to compose that did not rely on conventional written notation.

Now uses a combination of scored, unscored, and differently scored ways of conveying musical ideas.

Co-founded Footloose Community Arts in 2000, creating work in response to environmental issues through acts of communal creativity. The work of  Footloose continues to explore the possibilities of creating first-class music and art that includes inexperienced performers as well as professional artists. This includes such pieces as Carbon Chronicles, opera about oil and climate change, and Water Stories – a community arts project about water. See

In 2015 co-founded Terabac, women’s theatre focused on the lives of insects.  This has resulted in new songs, and exploration of how and when insects make sound. See

Also co-founder of Fractofusus, The Radnor Improvisers and a member of Oxford Improvisers.

In 2015  awarded a DAR composer residency at Druskininskai, Lithuania, which resulted in the piece ‘Becoming’ in 8 parts for Choir Brevis.

Most recent commission –  music for Landance 2017, outdoor dance at Maumbury Rings, Dorchester, and Dorchester market.

‘Variation and Adaptation’ (settings of texts about evolution by Darwin, Stephen J Gould and others), was first performed at Amgueddfa Cymru, the National Museum of Wales, Autumn 2016.