Start date: July 28, 2021
End date: November 13, 2021
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am

In the run-up to COP 26 to be held in Glasgow this year, from 31st October – 12th November, there will be an outdoor performance of an opera i wrote some years. It is a community production with local singers and musicians, scheduled to be performed outside in a lovely open space in Knighton.

Carbon Chronicles uses music and humour to narrate the history of carbon and other elements that became – over billions of years – fundamental to life on earth. It explores the role of colonialism and corporations in speeding up global warming, and the often-fraught relationship of humankind to the species with whom we share this planet. The opera also aims to open up debate and discussion about what we can and should do to implement the changes so desperately needed if future generations are to inherit an inhabitable and life-supporting earth.

A film of this year’s performance will be shown on at 11.45 this Saturday 2nd October, as part of the Knighton festival on line. Simply register for free here: to get a link that you can use for all events