Start date: December 12, 2017
End date: December 31, 2017
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am

Life is all around us – there is so much we miss because we are in a hurry or making too much noise or simply too big to notice smaller creatures..

The Bug Lover’s Song Book is an ongoing project, with songs about different insects and bugs, plus piano accompaniment..
watch this space for more information about performances..meanwhile here’s some lyrics to give a flavour..pity the poor wasp at the end of a summer, and don’t blame her, weary exhausted worker, for trying to get at some source of sweetness (and even getting drunk on fermented fruit) can hear the song at

I Be a Wasp

You may see a bee, but a bee is not me,
I’m a wasp, I be a wasp.
I have a bad reputation for causing havoc in the kitchen
And general consternation
When there’s sugar around, or jam to be found
But that’s only because I’m a wasp that is lost,
And seeking some sweetness at the end of my days
Want to go out in a jam-filled haze

I’m a wasp that is lost, have pity on me
Though I sting, I’m a wasp, not a bee.

I worked all year to serve my Queen
And now there’s no job left for me.
It’s all falling apart, the home’s a mess
I’m drunk and disorderly.
I can’t work out where to go in life
So I hover around your jammy knife

I’m a wasp that is lost, have pity on me
Though I sting, I’m a wasp, not a bee.

So hide the sugar, and cover the jam
And don’t pay attention to me
I’ll fly away on drooping wings
In thirst and misery.
On some rotting fruit I will end my days
Buzzing around, all sugar-crazed

I’m a wasp that is lost, have pity on me
Though I sting, I’m a wasp not a bee.


And another insect lacking in charisma, to humans (though not to those who feed on them) – consider the plight of the Arctic mosquito..

Song of the Arctic Mosquito contemplating a melting iceberg


It’s a hard life, it’s a hard life,

Searching for food in a barren landscape

It’s a hard life, it’s a hard life,

Hunting for blood to nourish my eggs


Flying around on my slender wings

Desperately searching for prey

My only goal to lay my eggs

Before death takes me away


Hated and feared by humankind

Because of the diseases I bear

They try to destroy me, forgetting that

I am food for others to share



As the ice caps melt and the permafrost dissolves

There’ll be more stagnant ponds where we can thrive

We exist to explore every possible niche

Like all creatures, we aim to survive


We can bring down an army, destroy a city

Though we are fragile and small

The warm blood of mammals is nectar to us

We’ll watch your civilisation fall

(last chorus)