DAR residency
Walking near the Belarus border

There was time to think and reflect on life in general, and composing in particular; hence this blog. Reflections at the DAR residency in Lithuania The most wonderful thing about this residency (and there are several) is having the luxury of unfettered time and a free space. Living alone in a two floor cottage looking […]

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Fractofusus – music for the Tree Charter

On October 7th, Fractofusus celebrated the new Tree Charter with music in Oxford and Wytham Woods. The Charter is being launched this year, the 800th anniversary of the Forest Charter. See https://treecharter.uk. Wytham Woods was donated to Oxford University by the ffennells in memory of their daughter Hazel, and is used for research by students […]

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The Praying Mantis duo from Terabac             Song of the Arctic Mosquito contemplating¬† a melting iceberg…     The Sad Wasp Chocolate I am keen to use music to help myself and others explore and admire the wonderful world of arthropods, which includes insects, spiders, and bugs. Together with soft-bodied […]

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