So as predicted, a lot of fine words, a few breakthroughs (the possibility of China and the US co-operating, commitments to phase out coal), but no decisive promise of the action needed now – now, not next year or next decade. Some small islands, such as the Maldives, are already sinking into the oceans. There was no assurance that the logging of indigenous peoples’ lands will stop.

Recently I spent seven hours on a rail journey that should have been finished in four. Given that Covid-19 hasn’t left us yet, no wonder more and more people in the UK travel by car. Why all the money spent on vanity projects such as HS2 when what we need is a decent rail infrastructure that will encourage people back into trains?

Here’s some messages to world leaders from the children of Llanidloes primary school.

And here’s some hidden chewing and tearing – maybe inside a tree