The Praying Mantis duo from Terabac







Song of the Arctic Mosquito contemplating¬† a melting iceberg…



The Sad Wasp


I am keen to use music to help myself and others explore and admire the wonderful world of arthropods, which includes insects, spiders, and bugs. Together with soft-bodied slugs, snails and worms they have all been around millions of years longer than us, and are vital to the health and functioning of the earth’s ecosystems.

A great description of life from an arthropod’s point of view is Planet of the Bugs, by Scott Richard Shaw, who gives a detailed description of¬† how insects have co-evolved with other creatures and plants to create the magnificent diversity of the smaller creatures on earth. As far as the author is concerned, humans are just a clumsy, careless and destructive sidebar in the history of life. Life on other planets is most likely to be small and arthropodic.

In 2015 with three other women artists, I co-created Terabac, with the aim of creating theatre about insects and what their stories can tell us about climate change, biodiversity loss and the need for humans to radically reform our relationship with the rest of life on earth.