Finally – the song book is published! See below for a sneak preview and details of how to obtain it either as a hard copy delivered by post or pdf.

You can listen to the songs at:

What people have to say about the song book:

‘The Bug Lover’s Songbook is a delightfully varied and fun appreciation of small invertebrates and a call to action, inspiring us to understand these creatures and to preserve their homes and habitats. I particularly enjoyed Queen Bumble, Praise the Beetles (Coleoptera are the largest insect order), Sad Wasp and How Many legs? (centipedes and millipedes).  For old and young alike – enjoy!’ (Jane Lewis, community song leader).

‘The songs are a delight, the accompanying essays are up to date with the latest scientific understanding of their lives, and the underlying philosophy is profound: “an attempt to re-frame the world as some non-human species might perceive it” while avoiding sentimental anthropomorphism. It is a book to enjoy, shake up your world view, and perform too.’ (Dr Alun Anderson, former editor-in-chief, New Scientist).

‘A wonderful celebration of all thing’s ‘bugs’, the song book really raises the profile and understanding of the lives of invertebrates through a very engaging variety of songs you can’t help but sing and play along too! Let’s face it, songs about bugs are not exactly mainstream, so this Bug Lover’s Song Book is a delight to have. Highly recommended.’ (Phil Ward, (aka Phil the bug man), Radnorshire Invertebrate Recorder).

 “Delightful catchy sing-along tunes, guaranteed to make you smile, and packed with lots of accurate biology too! Long live the insects!” (Prof. Dave Goulson, biologist, bee ecologist and author of several books including ‘A Buzz in the Meadow ‘)

Link to youtube video – ‘The Wonderful World of Invertebrates’

Sample (low-res)

Full, higher quality versions (print and download)

Download the full 186-page PDF now (£5), or receive a limited edition printed copy in the post (£15.99). UK p&p is included. Please contact me for other shipping destinations.

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