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why improvise?

The wind, the waves, the rocks the waterfall, the song handed down through generations, the wrong note, the off key, the imperfect, out of tune, awkward, blemished, the OTHER always there never written down in books....


sounds resounding
bells rebelling, spilling into streets and fields,
letting loose orchestras from their pits,
enchanting children, demoralising politicians,
reminding us of something we forgot,
skidding through the universe with hoots of glee
(the song in parts becoming the whole)

not in time, but just in time
the Imperfect, animal, animate, anima,
Amazingly Troublesome - Truthful - Out of Line - Undefine the straight line...

leaping from note to note, sliding down scales, pealing with laughter, wailing with grief
the music of others, of sisters and mothers, of hags and old bags, those crazy for peace and hungry for truth
tuning in, leaping out, turning inside out
Disliked, Disowned,
Dismissed, never destroyed
(the fool's bell ringing, shaman dancing...)

transform, Trance form....spinning matter from our dreams.....
Improvisation is a technique, a way of life,
where nothing is a mistake,
where each sound matters, and each silence,

and each individual thought process, each self-expression,
is part of collective creation/action/reflection...

music of the here and now - lullabies, ballads, scurrilous satires....
voices across space and time...dissenting notes...
uncontrollable by state or religion, despite centuries of effort..
might as well try to stop the tide ebbing and flowing...
or the universe endlessly re-creating itself -
the eternal cosmic improvisation...
now, in the Age of Consumerism, everything becomes a commodity, sucked up or spewed out by the free market -
but if we move fast enough, the market can never catch up with
our dissonant chords of desire...

all content © Camilla Cancantata unless otherwise noted