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In this section you can find info about my compositions and listen to short samples. Enjoy!

Selected compositions

Scored Music

  • The Strange Case of Charles Dexter Ward (opera) Anthem for Peace (eight-part chorus and brass ensemble)
  • Soya Susie and the Gene Dictators (opera)
  • Song of Children's Rights (four-part chorus and instrumental ensemble)
  • Trident, a British War Crime, (oratorio for four-part chorus)
  • Children's Band Pieces
  • Miscellaneous rounds and easy instrumentals for marches and protests
  • Towards Flowering (semi-scored/improvised, solo voice and piano)
  • Piano Duets for Beginners
  • Two Duos for violin and piano
  • Spring Peeper ( four - eight part chorus)
  • In Memory of Abir ( trio for violin, cello and piano)
  • Do Not Weep (four-part chorus )


  • Time Changes (solo piano improvisation)
  • Meeting Point (piano improvisation with Neela Bhagwat, voice)
  • Time and Again (solo piano improvisation)
  • Trident, a British War Crime
  • Songs for Interesting Times (including extracts from Soya Susie)

Sheet music and/or recordings available for most of the above - please email camilla[atnospam]

Music and text of Trident, a British War Crime can be downloaded at


Below are a selection of audio files for your listening pleasure. To play them you will need some kind of audio-player such as RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, WinAmp, Zinf, CoolPlayer, QuickTime, etc.

Each file is between 40 seconds and one minute long and around 1Mb in size.

28 August 2016 Evolution A song about deep time and the speck of time inhabited by humans
15 January 2016 Invocation A piece using breath
15 January 2016 Landscape Inspired by a sun burnt rocky landscape humming with bees
27 April 2013 Pink Riding Hood A group devised this english/swedish song at the peace camp in Lulea, Sweden, summer 2011, opposing NATO military exercises in the region
27 April 2013 Radnor Improvisers Extract from an improvising session in 2012
27 April 2013 Carbon Chronicles Introduction Opening of the performance at CARAD, Rhayader, April 2012
28 November 2011 Extract from Spring Peeper Composed for the Brighton Festival with singers from the Brighton and South East London Choirs.Spring Peeper is a frog.
22 March 2009 Terminator Song of the Suicide Seed - from Soya Susie and the Gene Dictators
22 March 2009 Resist Short extract from chorus sung by Susie and the Soya Beans, with vegetable friends - in 'Soya Susie and the Gene Dictators'
16 November 2005 Time and Again sample from track 5
16 November 2005 Time and Again extract from track 6
03 November 2005 Oratorio (1) Short sample from opening chorus of Trident - a British War Crime (an oratorio)
03 November 2005 Oratorio (2) Second short sample ' This is our world' from Trident - a British War Crime (an oratorio)
03 November 2005 Time and Again excerpt from track 4

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