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About Footloose

Footloose was founded in Islington, London, in 2000. Its aim: 'to empower, inspire and inform' using music, dance,and visual art. We work with people of all ages and backgrounds, including groups or individuals who may be disadvantaged in society. We try to contribute to sustainable living both by the themes we choose, and our working processes - eg. using recycled materials, and working in outdoor spaces.

Past work includes:

  • Primary school project at Islington Ecology Centre with Hungerford primary school children, making wattle and daub structures and writing songs. Mask-making and music with children from Hargrave Park and St. Andrews schools in Sunnyside Gardens.
  • Holiday projects for young people at the Calthorpe Community Garden, Kings Cross - music, drumming, story-telling, making masks and musical instruments from junk.
  • Developing a children's band at Toffee park Youth Club, EC1.
  • Women's street band workshops.
  • Touring Shropshire with performances of 'Soya Susie and the Gene Dictators' - an opera about genetic engineering and corporations.
  • Working with a rural community in Rossport, Ireland to produce a film 'Those Who Dance', the story of their struggle to prevent a high pressure gas pipeline being built on their land.

Our most recent project has been ' A Short History of Life and the Universe', in Oxford. This began in November 2007, finishing with a performance at the Town Hall on Oct 4th 2008.Throughout the year we worked with different schools and community groups,running music and art sessions, exploring themes of our cosmic habitat, and the current planetary crisis caused by human activity. We are re-working the final performance, a mixture of spoken narrative and written and improvised music, so that it can be recorded and then made available to other groups via the internet.

Up and coming:

  • Drop-in scratch orchestra: for all ages and backgrounds. Includes making instruments from 'found' and recycled materials. We plan to develop this into a regular ensemble that anyone can join. More details soon.
  • Adaptation of the Universe piece, with St. Andrew's School, Headington, during the summer term. The performance will be recorded and made available on-line, with text, images, and guide notes, for any group or school to download and adapt to its own resources.
  • Carbon Chronicles, a participatory opera, including workshops for all who wish to join in, touring Britain and Ireland during the summer holidays.

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